Matriactivista (*)

Matriactivista was a word devised by Jesusa Ricoy Olariaga (now Mara rO) to be able to define herself when she acted as an activist for maternal rights on social media, something she did for over a decade.

Now she has consolidated all her experience and work in this non-profit company registered as such in Scotland, as a Community Interest Company Limited by Guarantee

Matriactivista is regulated by the Companies House and any benefits at the time of its dissolution will go to Maternity Action , an NGO that works for women's rights during their maternity, especially refugees, emigrants and the unemployed.

The way that Matriactivista works is therefore a hybrid of company and NGO, which allows the offering of courses and selling videos in our platform Matriversity as well as creating projects through our social side which is Ikaras.

Ikaras is a beautiful project woven around the voice of mothers, from Ikaras we will create all kinds of work that aims to investigate the voice of women and mothers in oral tradition connecting them with women today and into the future while promoting wellbeing, enjoyment and empowerment for all women and mothers, encouraging them to use their voice and leave their mark in creating our oral tradition in the post pandemic 21st century. Hoping to palliate any feelings of isolation and all the problems that might arise from that. 

So when you buy a Matriversity video or participate in a Matriactivist event you are amplifying all of our voices a little more.